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Hey, I really like your posts, You've got an awesome blog, Whats your frankly.me handle, want to interview you?

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You don’t want to interview me. You’ll only be disappointed and stare longingly into a bowl of soup realising that you hold in your hand a fork!

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Huge thanks, pats on the back and general golf claps in the way of these people.

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Maybe you’ve forgotten Father’s Day or maybe you are fucked off at being given a really shit present! You’re not the knitwear type, you’re a Rock Star Dad for fuck sake!

For a selection of some fantastic artist prints for purchase click here. More added weekly.


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“ If this post gets over 1000 notes we’ll make a ‘LOL UR NOT MOSHCAM’ t-shirt and put a ltd run on store.moshcam.com ”

—    www.moshcam.com

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*High fives back*...Just outta curiosity; what was it like meeting The 1975? I'm so jealous you got to talk to them (Matt and George especially), you're living my dream haha

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Nice gents. Good laugh. I was sitting to George’s left. Hence the Pitbull comment reaction.

Moshcam Launch Photo Store


Greetings Photo Lovers. Moshcam have launched a small store of your favourite photos that we have taken over at http//store.moshcam.com .

You can see a brief selection here

We’ll expand in due course so keep checking back. If there are any shots that you especially love then drop us a line via the site and we’ll see what we can do.

so does you following me on here make me cool? xx

Makes you fuckin’ awesome!!!! Your task is to keep it going!

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