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Afternoon acoustic and interview with Steve Smyth ahead of his monstrous touring schedule. @stevesmythmusic

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These peeps know where it’s at. Thanks for the support and keep on keeping on!


What do Matty and George smell like this is very important to me

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Each other!

Nothing is funnier than your most recent interview with The 1975 :') promise you'll do more? x amazing xx

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We’ve got loads of great interviews and shows on the site Chvrches one and Foals one spring to mind. Some great photos also so have a look at Bastille, The 1975 and many others. Am sure we’ll interview the 1975 again some time and hopefully they’ll let us film one of their shows sometime. It’s not for lack of trying that’s for sure.

If I write to Matty and ask him to my college prom, what are my chances of an acceptance?

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George might get jealous, maybe ask them both!

“ We’re all very sad at Moshcam today with the unexpected passing of the LEGEND that was Robin Williams. RIP you crazy bastard. If you or someone you know suffers from depression then please talk to someone and click the link below. Mx ”

how do you decide who to follow back?

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We follow cool people. Are you cool?

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